Our Story. Warning: it's not a short story...

Hi Friends,

A lot of people ask us a bunch of questions about the coffee cart: How long have we been here, how did we get started, and mostly as of late (the last year and a half) we get this question a lot: "What's it like having that other coffee shop right next door?" 

Well here's our story and we might even talk about the elephant in the room.

Our good friends Charlie and Maria, owners of both The Buccaneer Cafe, and the Privateer Coal Fire Pizza, and Marketplace were the original owners of the "coffee cart".  Our other friend, owner of Captain's Helm, Mitch, and Charlie and Maria brainstormed and decided it would be cool to have a coffee stand outside the shop.  So this was their second location of Buccaneer Brew- the original being at Buccaneer Beach.  It was a great idea, but lacked attention after a while and Charlie and Maria decided to sell it and we decided to buy it.  Pretty basic story.  So as of Saturday, May 12, 2013 we were officially CAPTAIN'S GROUNDS COFFEE.  

The thing is this: We didn't really know what we were doing.  

Let's start with WE:

WE are Ted and Jen Stoddard.  We met in high school, (Oceanside High School, class of 1992 go PIRATES!) and we were married in 1993.  Ted worked hard, and made a way so I (Jen) could stay home and raise the kids.  Fast forward to 2013 when my job (which is never done, I know) of raising good humans until adulthood and beyond was coming closer, it was time for me to find "a job".  Here's the problem: I know I can manage the crap out of any place, I did it in my home since I was 18.  I can solve any problem, delegate duties, design, create, inspire, keep books, and do it all well, and make dinner and sometimes even dessert. buuuut I don't have a degree to prove it so there went that idea.  Then boom! Let's buy the coffee cart and make it "my job"... (yikes).

I have always loved coffee.. drinking it that is.  Did I know the first thing about being a barista, owning a coffee business, making sure we don't run out of cups???? Nope.  But good thing I'm a fast learner, and secretly a nerd when it comes to doing something well.  So I nerded out on learning how to do coffee well.  Maybe not as nerdy as some would like- I don't weigh each shot of espresso, sorry (not sorry). But I freaking LOVE what I get to call "my job"- and I feel like it's the perfect fit for me.  And Ted is full time into coffee now too, retiring after nearly 20 years of owning his body shop.  We both feel so grateful for what we get to do.  

So here's the awkward part of what we do.. coexist alongside a coffee shop that decided to move in next door.  Cool....

How do we feel about it? We don't like it.  That's the truth.  It sucks.  There.  Now you know how we feel. If you have any more questions about it, feel free to ask in person :) Not being rude, just honest. 

Has it had an effect on our business?  We don't know.  We're too busy to notice...

Are we friends with them? No.  The kids that work there are cool... let's end it there.

Our goal is just to keep doing what we're doing.  So far, so good.